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We are a team of reliable and honest credit repair professionals. We are passionate in helping each client with individual needs. We help you, we serve you, we advise you, we educate you, we help fix credit scores! View our areas of expertise.

Credit Cards, Late Payments, Collection Accounts, Student Loans, Home Foreclosures, Credit Bureau Disputes, Debt Settlement Advice, FREE Consultations.

Our Credit Repair Plan A

Our credit repair clients get our full access credit repair service. You can call us or communicate through messages on our secure client login system. We want each client to understand credit repair takes time and patience. We have one plan to not get things confusing and we treat each client the same.

Once signed up after 2 weeks you will be charged $75. The next month $75 until cancelled.

Once you cancel, the last payment will be charged after the cancellation, any work we do is done before we charge you.

Lower Interest Rates

A lower interest rate can be a huge benefit once you have a excellent credit score. Any interest rate should always be viewed in detail and asked if that is the best one I can get before it’s too late.

FREE Consultations

We provide a service that will take a small commitment to both parties. We want each new client to feel comfortable and know we will do our best to help you, but understand each situation is different and takes time.

Debt Settlement Advice

Settling a debt can be beneficial, if done correctly. You can settle a debt with collectors for a fraction of what you owed and still have some benefit from the debt account being closed off. (Note: We do not settle debt for you.)

Credit Bureau Disputes

A large percentage of people have errors on their credit reports. We will review each credit report closely and dispute any errors on things that can not be verified. Each credit bureau must abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Collection Accounts

Collection accounts stay on a report for seven years from the delinquency date. We can attempt to dispute any errors we see or try to negotiate a payment plan. Collectors can constantly call you or mail you letters, we can try to stop this from happening.

Late Payments

People may not know this, but late payments can destroy someones credit. Late payments are a large percentage of someones credit score and should be at the top of everyone’s list. We educate each new client on the importance of on-time payment habits.