Ask us anything before or while being our client.

What do I need to start the process?

We keep things simple, but each client varies based on the situation.

1. A computer to login on our system.
2. Obtain your credit reports to send us and verified documents.
3. Setup a payment plan.
4. Send us Messages or call us, if needed.
5. Wait for our monthly feedback and results.

Can I get a refund?

No refunds. We work on things before being charged for the monthly service we provide to you. The good thing is you can cancel anytime and will be charged the last payment once cancelled.

What if I have more questions?

If you are an existing client, you can send us messages 24/7 and should receive a response within 48 hours or call us.

Potential clients can setup scheduled phone meetings or message us at: Contact Here

Do you share any of our information?

No. Never.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Any legit credit repair or counseling services can not and should not guarantee any results. The truth of the matter… we don’t control the credit bureaus.

We do provide a service that will do everything in our power to honestly and accurately review our clients credit report for a report the client deserves based from the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, each referral will make you $75. Please click here to become an affiliate.

When I get my credit report, does it hurt my scores?

If you are getting the credit report for yourself, it does not. A credit report being requested by you is a soft inquiry and makes no impact on you.

A credit report being requested by a credit card/utility service you are applying for has some impact on the credit score. (This is called a hard inquiry.)

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime and will be charged the last payment since our work is done before the charge occurs.

Is my information secure with you?

We use the same bank grade security, 256 bit SSL and the data is stored in a USA data center that is SAS 70 (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliant, backed up daily with on-site security.

Can I repair my own credit?

Yes, but we do suggest you seek professional help, at times certain things can be confusing and requires patience. The best way to learn is from our free blog information. Click Here

How can you remove things from my credit report?

We review each clients credit report and look for errors or any possible inaccurate reporting. We ask the credit bureaus for verification and if something is wrong we request that the information be corrected or deleted.

What do we discuss in a free consultation?

You can contact us with any questions or concerns you may have and we will go over anything you discuss. The best option is email us questions and we can get back to you with a detailed response.

Are there any startup fees?

We charge you after any work is complete.

For new clients we charge them $75 after 2 weeks of the first work being done. Then one month later we charge the monthly payment. We charge after work is complete.

Why are we different than other credit repair companies?

We are available and upfront about the process.

We don’t take on every client that comes to us.

We don’t want to waste peoples time.

We let our clients know it wont be easy.

It is not a quick process.

We don’t sell you a dream, we tell you things you may not want to hear.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit or debit cards.

How do I login into my account?

Please login at this link. Click Here

Why do you only provide debt settlement advice and not settle it for me?

We provide general advice in those situations. Our focus is on credit repair and NOT buying or settling debt. You can settle debt by yourself or request payment plans you feel comfortable with. You can pay off a debt for half of the amount you owe.

This will impact the credit score and should eventually be looked into.

What do you do exactly to help my credit?

We know the rights of each consumer from our extensive knowledge on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our experience with credit bureaus have been able to shape results you deserve. We work daily to make sure each of our clients are taken care of and each credit report is accurate, verifiable, and updated correctly, based off the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Where is 101CreditRepair.com located?

We are located in El Paso, Texas. We are a registered LLC in the State of Texas and serve clients from all over the United States.

How do we communicate in the credit repair process?

If you are an existing client, you can send us messages 24/7 and should receive a response within 48 hours or call us.

Potential clients can setup scheduled phone meetings or message us at: Contact Here

Where can I learn more about credit repair?

We have great information on our blog. Click Here

How long does it take to improve my credit?

A generic answer can be from 4 to 12 months. It really depends on each individual situation, we have seen things work faster or even longer. We work fast and stay honest about the time-frames.

When should I start to repair my credit?

Unfortunately, the majority of people start to fix credit issues after they are denied or thinking about purchasing an important item. The truth is credit repair takes time and will not be repaired immediately.

Our best advice is start immediately months or years in advance before you need it.

Why do I pay a monthly fee for credit repair?

Credit repair takes time and has to be worked on for a period of time. Most reliable and honest credit repair companies charge a monthly fee, because we honestly are not sure how long it can take to fix the errors on a report. We know we work as fast as we can to get the credit score repaired and we also tell each client it’s not an over night process.

Each month we go back and fourth with the credit bureau to discuss errors or verification of certain accounts, this process takes time for each party to respond and act on decisions.

Is credit repair worth it?

If you are interested in getting a home, car, utility bills, loans, renting, and a ton of other things, you may want to have good credit. You maybe able to get some things, but with high interest rates. Having the best credit possible can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Yes, credit repair is worth a try.