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We are a young industry leader in credit repair. We want to help people do more and feel better by getting them back on track or just improving from an existing credit score. We serve all of The United States.

We specialize in a few areas dealing with credit repair.

Credit Cards
Late Payments
Collection Accounts
Student Loans
Home Foreclosures
Credit Bureau Disputes
Debt Settlement Advice
Tax Liens
Civil Judgements
Fraudulent Claims
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Low Interest Rates, Home Buying, Car Purchases, Credit Cards, Rental Approvals, Insurance, Utility Services, Job Prospects.


High Interest Rates, Mortgage Loan Denied, Auto Loan Denied, High Credit Card Interest, Rental Denied, High Insurance Rates, Utility/Cable Bill Denials, Job Rejections.


What our clients say

We all know what it’s like to need help. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. Some of our pleasant reviews are about our amazing support and what we do best... helping people obtain a better credit score!


I was in the process of wanting to buy a home and I had a great new job. I was rejected for a mortgage loan, due to my bad credit I racked up in college. I spoke with 101 Credit Repair and in 6 months my credit was ready to qualify for a home loan. Thank you again!

Steve M – Austin, Texas

I had many credit card accounts in collections and I wanted to try to get my credit score better on my own. I bought the consultation service and they told me exactly what I needed to do. Best value for someone who wanted to save some money and do it yourself.

Robert G – Los Angeles, California

Very easy process and communication was great. They let me understand credit repair is not only what they can do, but what I had to do from that point forward. It's simple changes, but things I was unclear about. Thank you for getting me back to a great credit score. 598 to 733.

Kathy A – Miami, Florida

I tried a few different services that promised the world, but with little results. Then, I contacted 101 Credit Repair and they told me the truth about everything. My credit went from 550 to 712. It took over a year, but they were upfront about the timeline. Regularly updated too, thank you.